Welcome to the TKM Tour de France Tipping competition for 2012!

AND we are back! Another year of glory, another year of what ifs, another year of implosions and another year of excuses! How good is it!

This is our 6th year tipping the Tour and haven’t we come a long way from way back in the gaudy days of 2007. Back then the GFC was a football club and basically we were burning money to keep warm in winter. That’s for the two days  we were between trips in Melbourne. Now its 2012 and while the world is rocking off its axis for the TKM tipping contest it is full steam ahead. I can foresee this competition providing positive contagion to the rest of the world economy! In fact I can see us stimulating the Martian economy.  I am actually going to stimulate the economy of a planet we haven’t even been to yet. Amazing, yes I know.

Last year Micky Lin, the bandit from PWC took the biscuits, which funded a trip around the ends of the earth. He tipped smart and got lucky. Both essential attributes to wearing the famed maillot jeune. For it isn’t how well you tip but how you avoid the pitfalls.

This year we are going to crack the ton. 100 tippers. You know what that means. Over 5k in prize money. THESE ARE THE BIG BUCKS! ON THE BIG JOBS!

You all know the drill, but lets run through it again. Pick a rider, different rider, every night. Try to win the overall, sprint or KOM. Try to come last. Try to win a stage. There are prizes for all. Wait for the daily email. Abuse your mates, kick them when they're down, kick them when they're up, just kick them in general.

Also check the rules as there have been some changes, most notable is that only a single winning tipper can take a stage win. Therefore if 10 people pick Cav for a stage win there is no stage winnings and they jackpot to the next night. So the winnings will jackpot every night until we get a unique winner.

So pay your money, get your tips in, hook into your email and set up on the armchair for the month of July WHEN IT GETS HOT IN THE KITCHEN!!!

When you enter you will be able to pay by Credit Card or Bank Deposit on Paypal. Note: after you have successfully paid via Paypal click on the "RETURN TO MERCHANT" button (in Paypal) so we can automatically update your payment status to PAID.

Any queries, comments or suggestions please email:

Byron Davy, TDF Tipping Supremo

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